Oct 232017

I seem destined to a few times a week routine at the moment. I am not going to complain about that as it is definitely better than nothing at all. 😀

Monday (Oct 16)

  • Meditation 16 minutes
  • Vjnana Manual Monday practice (25mins)

Tuesday (Oct 17)

  • Mindfulness reading (15mins)

Thursday (Oct 19)

  • Meditation (Sam Harris on YouTube) 30 minutes
  • Yoga (30mins)

Friday (Oct 20)

  • Meditation (11mins)

Hopefully I will find a more stable routine in the week to come.

~T 😀

Oct 162017

Well, this week turned out a little bit better than last. I can definitely feel the difference, so that is good news! 😀

Tuesday (Oct 10)

  • Meditation for 30minutes
  • Vjnana Manual Sunday practice (40mins)

Wednesday (Oct 11)

  • Mindfulness Reading for 20minutes

Thursday (Oct 12)

  • Meditation for 12minutes
  • Free practice (20mins)

Friday (Oct 13)

  • Meditation for 26minutes
  • Vjnana Manual Friday practice (34mins)

~T 😀

Oct 102017

Well, it has indeed been a while since I last posted This Week’s Workouts as I have been rather sporadic in my workout routine. Also, not having a gym makes it more challenging. Although I do tend to walk quite a bit every day, this maintains my weight but does not do much for tone or my idea of ‘fitness’.

Therefore, as I set out to do early last week, I have gone back to meditating and doing yoga regularly. With a slight hiatus starting early for the long weekend, I did manage to get myself onto the mat a few times.

So, here’s what I did last week, so technically this is a LWWs post. 😛

Monday (Oct 3)

  • Meditation for 15 minutes
  • Vjnana Manual Monday practice (35mins)

Tuesday (Oct 4)

  • Meditation for 20 minutes (Tara Brach)
  • Vjnana Manual Tuesday practice (25mins)

Wednesday (Oct 5)

  • Meditation for 22 minutes (Tara Brach)
  • Vjnana Manual Wednesday practice (35mins)

I am satisfied with the start at least! 😀

~T 😀

Oct 042017

Although I have been quiet here with my up and down pattern of writing or promising to write regularly again, I did manage to get an article written last month for April Magazine.

This is the beginning of a series that I will be writing on Spiritual Wellbeing.

In some ways it is rather ironic given my life has gone topsy-turvy lately, but then again perhaps it is just the perspective I need to be able to write something worthwhile for readers. It also seems to be a good catalyst for getting me back on track so that I am not a writing hypocrite. 😛

In any case, it’s a new month. Fall has arrived and I am coming to terms with the concept of ‘cool’ and ‘cold’ that does not involve a blasting AC system. 😉

Still much ahead and the wheels continue to turn in my head with ideas and more ideas and more ideas!!!

~T 😀

Jun 242017

June 18th (Sunday)

  • 60′ Private yoga session

June 19th (Monday)

  • 20’29” 2km walk/run on treadmill
  • 2’18” plank regular and elbow

June 20th (Tuesday)

~wasn’t feeling well last night so had someone sub my yoga class and decided to just do a nice ‘leisurely walk’ today just to ensure that I reignite the habit of getting to the gym every day. Hoping to be back to normal soon – feel better than yesterday so far….

  • 33’05” 3.07 walk on treadmill

June 21st -23rd (Wednesday -Friday)

  • Chaos….

June 24th (Saturday)

  • 33’36” 3.12km walk on treadmill
Jun 172017

Last Saturday I was not quite as warmed up as I should have been doing our practical yoga exam. We did things a bit quicker than normal to save on time. Unfortunately, I did not also apply this to pushing myself a bit less knowing that injury was possible….

So, we were nearly finished when we went into upavistha konasana (seated wide legged stretch) when I felt something in my glutes pop. It made a sound much like knuckles cracking. At first it felt kind of good as if something had been released. For most of the morning I felt fine. By the time I got home in the afternoon I was limping and sore. An ice pack helped and I thought I would be okay.

However, I have still had yoga sessions this week when I seem to re-injure the glute with a forward fold… 🙁 On top of that, to compensate for the pain on the right glute, my left lower back has started to hurt as I am obviously off balance a bit now. So…that’s annoying, but I managed to get through the week anyway.

Instead of the gym – which I am going to get back to as soon as I’m healed up as I have agreed to do a July MRTTAD challenge with a team – I attempted planking…. 😛

June 11th (Sunday)

  • 60′ Private yoga session

June 12th (Monday)

  • 3’05” plank
  • 60′ Wellness Yoga

June 13th (Tuesday)

  • 60′ Private yoga session

June 14th (Wednesday)

  • 60′ Private yoga session

June 15th (Thursday)

  • 2’30” plank – been a bit lazy with my bum and back pains….

June 16th (Friday)

  • 60′ Private yoga session

June 17th (Saturday)

  • Rest

So, not really great, but better than nothing I say! Just another week or so of the regular yoga sessions until I have a month off. Then, it’ll be time to hit the gym and reassess my schedule a bit. 😉

~T 😀

Jun 112017

It was a lovely weekend overall, though I guess I am a bit tired from it. This is normal for me, but it was the end of a part of my yoga chapter.

These beautiful ladies all graduated from the 200hr Kaya Yoga Teacher Training held in Abu Dhabi at the Bodytree Studio from January to June 2017.

The final practical exams were held this weekend with the ladies bringing their clients to our place on Thursday and Friday. I got to do one exam as training for the teacher-training aspect and helped mark the written exam since it was just a shorter version of our 300hr training exam.

So, yesterday was the formal practice and written exams with a celebration afterwards with everyone. Due to the way that Yoga Alliance does their certification, I had to get my 200hr first and now I can register my 300hr, but in any case, I have both – just the dates on the certificates are confusing…. 😉

Still, the work is done for RYT-500 and now I aim towards getting E-RYT 200, which requires 1,000 hours of teaching/training teachers plus two years of experience from the initial certification. So, the chapter is not finished, but it is progressing along very nicely!

Me and Kaya

My teacher, Kaya, stayed the weekend with us as well, which was really nice as it gave us a chance to get to know each other better, talk and relax together. We even had a night out that was really lovely. It is so good to keep the heart open to people in our lives and I am glad to be reminded that there is always room for others if we just let ourselves be available for the love and kindness.

So, now I shall focus on recuperating as I managed to snap something in my glute in yesterday’s practice as well as hurt my neck…, but once I am back to feeling good I shall focus on just practice and teaching with love. ;D

~T 😀

Jun 102017

After a week and weekend of overdoing the TV time, I think that it is necessary to have an upping on my working out even if that means a lot of yoga! By the end of this week, I will have completed my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training course making me a full-fledged RYS-500 yoga instructor!!!

June 4th (Sunday)

  • 60′ yoga practice with meditation
  • 60′ Ladies Wellness Yoga
  • 60′ Private yoga session

June 5th (Monday)

  • 30′ light yoga practice with meditation
  • 60′ Ladies Wellness Yoga

June 6th (Tuesday)

  • Rest day

June 7th (Wednesday)

  • 30′ light yoga practice with meditation
  • 60′ Private yoga session

June 8th (Thursday)

  • Rest 

June 9th (Friday)

  • 60′ Private yoga session
  • 60′ Private yoga session 

June 10th (Saturday)

  • 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Exam Day!!
Jun 092017

Often we talk about karma in the world of yoga. It is more than just what we understand as what comes around goes around.

Karma relates to the deeds – good or bad – that you do, have done, will do as well as those of your ancestors going back to the beginning of the existence of your soul. If you believe in God as a Christian or any other formal popular religion then this is a bit new age. However, it can be somewhat related to how as humans we continue to pay for the sins of Adam and Eve even though it was at the start of the world as we know it.

In the spiritual realm, karma relates to our souls that get reborn into new bodies. In some spiritualities these souls can be reborn into animal bodies; however, in most cases with yoga we talk about it in human forms.

I am sure there is a proper scientific study out there somewhere on this to explain why some people seem more “mature” than others or the person who is “wise beyond their years”, etc. Within the philosophy of yoga, we talk about that in terms of our karmic cycle.

While I am still working out the depths of my belief in this philosophy, I do believe that I am an old soul. Whether it is to justify to myself the early life that I have had or to give some sort of comfortable explanation to life, I do believe that I am the end of whatever karmic cycle my soul had started years ago.

In some ways I look at my adoption as a way of breaking away from the family cycle that may have been or still continues. I consider my lack of desire for children as another way of finishing the cycle. I feel that surviving my negative life experiences as a child was a way for my soul to work through the negative karma and to bring forth a positive end to the soul within me – allowing me to share love and compassion to others in my older years instead of growing old and bitter towards life as so many do and will.

Whether or not one believes in karma or these spiritual aspects does not matter. What matters most is how we cope with the life we were given and what sort of action are we taking day by day to improve ourselves to create a world of peace, love, calm and serenity for ourselves and those around us. Each person in our lives whether it is for a brief moment or a lifetime is affected by our words, our actions, our emotions, and even our breath. My wish is that the effect I have on others brings us a step closer to contentment and not towards chaos.

What effect are you having on those around you?

~T 😀


Jun 082017

3.9 Nirodha parinama is that state of transformation of mind where it is permeated by the moment of suppression which appears and disappears between incoming and outgoing samskaras. (vyutthana nirodhah samskara abhibhava pradurbhavau nirodhah ksana chitta anvayah nirodhah-parinamah) ~Sage Patanjali

It is fitting that on the last weekend of my 200hr Teacher Training that I spend some time reflecting on the journey of yoga that I have taken since November 2015. Nineteen months of almost non-stop learning, studying and growing in the world of yoga. My life has completely changed since I made a spontaneous decision to respond to a newsletter….

They key words in this sutra are:

  • nirodhah =  control, regulation, setting aside of
  • samskara = subtle impressions, imprints in the unconscious, deepest habits

For me, I think of the washing out of the footprints in the sand as waves push new sand on top of the imprint made before yet still remaining for a period of time. Each new step taken makes a new print/impression and it is the space between each step where our minds can be changed.

In most interpretations this sutra is about changing habits and forming new ones. If you read books on habit formation or transformation, this makes more sense. It is hard to break a habit as our minds have created grooves in the brain and neural connections between stimulus and reaction (habit). To break this connection, there has to be a new groove made and re-routing of the connections to relate certain stimulus to a new reaction. On the outside, this sounds simple enough. However, if you have ever tried to change your habits, develop a new personality trait or redefine who you are to others, then you know this is no easy task at all.

Still, it is possible. The phrase that anything is possible if you set your mind to it is more true than we realize!

~T 😀