Nov 122011

The last few days have been quite full with socializing and enjoying the free events on offer in the city. So, I will try to catch up here a bit.

I got my haircut and highlighted, so I feel better with my hair as it had grown quite a bit.

Then, I met my friend and we had lunch at the mall. Then, we saw “The Rum Diary“, which was a pretty entertaining film. After that we shopped a little bit and then headed home. I was pretty tired, but decided since it was holiday, I should go out to the free music on the beach.

It was totally worth it! Wyclef Jean was awesome and the other acts before were pretty entertaining as well.

The next day was a bit rough as I was pretty tired, but I met some friends for lunch and had a nice long chat over coffee with another friend. Then, I went for a much deserved and needed 4-hour spa treatment at Chi, The Spa in the Shangri-la’s Qaryat Al Beri area. This may be my new favorite place to go for some pampering.

From there, I went back down to the Beats on the Beach to see the acts for the second day. Sadly, none were as good as the first day. Still, it was good to get out to enjoy the event and meet friends. However, I was so tired that it was nice to just go home a little early.

So, that’s my catch up for the last official days of holiday. The weekend events are uploading as I write. ๐Ÿ˜€



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Oct 262011

On October 13, 2011, B and I headed to see Ms Jackson at the Yas Island Arena.

Now, I had made a decision that this year I would not go to any concerts unlessย  1) I got free tickets; or 2) I was willing to pay for VIP seats. Previous concert experiences at this venue reminded me of why I vowed never to go see another fireworks display in Japan. Crowds and rude people – need I say more?

So, when I found out that Janet Jackson was coming, I was torn. Would I pay or not? My decision was easily swayed when B wanted to go as well and was on the same page about paying for the seats.

Thus, we found ourselves at the concert:

Janet Jackson October 13, 2011

Overall, I would say it was worth the money, though I would have preferred if it had been cheaper…. In some ways, I was both impressed and disappointed. Also, at the end, I felt a little bit confused because she paid tribute to her brother, but the crowd went crazier for him than they had the whole concert for her….Wonder how she feels still being in his shadow…?

Anyway, it was a good time and that’s all that matters!