May 262017

Well, we know that I am not a fan of the news. In current political times, I am even less so. However, upon seeing this recommended on the Podcast Community Facebook group I am a part of, I decided just to check it out.

The Daily podcast is a short podcast hosted by Michael Barbaro and powered by New York Times. Every day – aside from weekends – there is an update about what is happening with our president. It’s a nice quick listen and keeps me updated on the latest in a way that is not negative nor dramatic. It’s just information or as some might call it, news. 😛

So, I definitely feel it is worth breaking up my true crime podcasts to have a quick listen as to what is happening in the world that day (or rather the day before). Check it out for yourself!

~T 😀

May 192017

Well, it seems that I really cannot get away from these true crime podcasts. I try to mix it up when I finish a series, but inevitably I am drawn back. 😉

So, I had heard of Up and Vanished through the MFM podcast and decided to give it a go. The first episode left me unsure if I would continue as the production of it was strange and the music/sounds were not great. However, it was the case that interested me and by the second episode the host – Payne Lindsey – had upped his game.

I am not quite finished with it as he extended the season to 18 episodes and I have just finished the 11th episode, which was originally meant to be the second to last one for the season. I am not sure how it is going to end and I do save the podcasts for when I am in the car; however, I may have to do some baking, which means that I’ll definitely be listening to it then!

For someone who has never done a podcast before, I think Lindsey has done well to make it sound professional and to engage the listeners. The cold case story is also very interesting through his interviews and investigations. I am hoping there is some sort of conclusion to this case, but even if not, I am definitely enjoying it.

Once I finish the series, I will update! 😉

~T 😀

May 122017

I became aware of Sam Harris through the Mindfulness Summit in 2015. He struck me as incredibly intelligent and as someone who would not choose a way of life without thorough study of it.

When I first started on the podcasts, I started listening to Waking Up and found it fascinating. If you crave intellectual stimulation with a skeptic’s eye, this is definitely the podcast for you. 

Harris discusses a variety of topics related to the mind, society, current events and so on with always thought-provoking perspectives. He interviews and speaks with clarity and confidence, but at the same time does not come across as arrogant or full of himself – at least not to me. Perhaps to others he might sound like an elitist, but then again that does not bother me so much. 😉

I cannot binge listen to this podcast like I do with the murder/true crime ones, but I do thoroughly enjoy the intellectual challenge I get from listening to this podcast now and then. 😛

~T 😀

May 052017

A boy gets kidnapped from a group of three who had gone out at night and it takes 27 years before they finally convict the man who did it. 

This man continued to molest, grab and prey on young boys both nearby and in surrounding areas where the kidnapping happened. How is this possible?

A very interesting podcast that follows the one case but also remarks on the challenge of law enforcement in these kinds of cases. In a world of instant information, social media and tv it is hard to imagine that it could have taken so long to find the truth and yet, it did. 

This ten episode series definitely helps to pass the time quickly. Series 2 is on its way!

~T 😀

Apr 282017

As promised, I am here to update on my post about the podcast S-Town

Although M gave up on the podcast because the story was advertised as something different than it turned out to be, I found myself enjoying the narrative and continued through.

The story of John B McLemore is both sad and fascinating at the same time. SPOILER ALERT:  It seems that Mercury poisoning was the cause of his demise, which is quite sad given that the man was a seeming genius.

It was quite clear that JBM was likely gay or at least somewhat and struggled in a very small town. Despite his eccentricities, though, he seemed loved and supported by his friends and community. His mental decline started to take a toll, however, and this is when the reporter Brian Reed comes into the scene.

I was quite fascinated by the storytelling of this man’s life. Even though it started out as a potential story about murder and crime, it turned into a sharing about a man who seemed to suffer while alive but in his death got recognized for who he was.

Overall, I recommend it. There are some gritty parts, but there’s nothing scary about it. 😀

~T 😀

Apr 072017

Well, I was waiting for the next season of Serial to come out, so when M mentioned a new season was available, I immediately checked it out. 

However, it is not actually a new season of Serial itself, but a spinoff called S-Town. The Serial season is in production still, so will have to wait a bit longer, but S-Town is an interesting story so far. 

There are 7 episodes and I have just started the third one. Although there are some other podcasts I should probably write about first, this one has got me a bit hooked already. It has already taken an interesting twist, so I am hoping that it continues to hold my attention to warrant jumping the line of podcast favorites. 😉

Will keep updated here on whether or not it meets expectation….

~T 😀

Mar 102017

From my obsessive binge listening to MFM’s podcast, I heard about Someone Knows Something. The title alone would have hooked me, but then I started to listen to it and became addicted to it.

Season 1 looks at the case of a missing boy, Adrien McNaughton, who disappeared when his father and siblings went fishing one afternoon in the woods of Canada. There were lots of theories of what may have happened to him, but the host, David Ridgen, investigates to discover new possibilities. 

It was a fascinating story and while M couldn’t wait to hear all of the episodes and read about it on the web, I looked forward to my drives – both long and short – in the afternoons or found myself deciding to cook something so that I could listen to an episode. 😀

Now, I am over halfway through Season 2 about the disappearance of Sheryl Sheppard in Eastern Canada. Again, I am addicted and thinking about the case whenever not listening. I think perhaps my addiction to crime shows has really gone to a new level… 😛

If you like true crime – this is a must listen!

~T 😀

Feb 242017

A friend of mine sent me a link to an episode from this podcast and I found it very interesting. Therefore, I started to listen to it more and subscribed. I find the topics of Yogabody and Lucas Rockwood to be fascinating from the perspectives of yoga, health – mental, physical and emotional and humanity. Lucas has a very different view of the world, which intrigues me because he seems to really be doing well while staying true to his beliefs.

It is cool when people can live life according to how they feel is best and then also have the courage to share it. 

Technology has greatly enhanced our ability to open the world up to individuals. Whenever I feel as if no one else thinks like me or could possibly understand what I am talking about in all my randomness, I come across podcasts like this and feel relief. 

This podcast is probably not for those who do not care about yoga or health. It may also scare the uninitiated in this way of life, but I think if you’re open or considering taking up yoga and finding a healthier lifestyle, this podcast offers great varied perspectives.

~T 😀

Feb 162017

When I first started listening to podcasts, I went back and forth between Serial and this one. PaleOMG Uncensored had not yet started, so this was the main podcast that I got information about health, diet, etc. 

Recently, I have not been listening to it as much for no real reason other than I am addicted to true crime podcasts or more specifically, My Favorite Murder

What I really enjoyed about this podcast is the medical or researched information provided to support their claims for eating healthy. Even though the focus is on a Paleo diet, the real belief of the hosts and their guests is having a realistic and healthy diet for our bodies. They teach the importance of reading labels, not buying into ‘organic’ or ‘gluten free’ stickers and truly getting to know what our bodies want/need to have the most energy and feel healthiest. Also, their own product line at sounds amazing – just wished I lived somewhere where I could take advantage of it better.

It may not be a podcast for everyone as it can be rather ‘dry’ in content or the enthusiasm of Autumn might be too much for some, but it made my long drives to yoga weekends go by much faster. Once I get my fill of true crime, I will definitely come back to more regular following of this podcast. 😀

~T 😀

Feb 072017

One of my running buddies recommended this podcast to me one day as we were sharing our podcast interest. Since I am always looking for a bit of change in my podcasts due to my habitual nature, I thought this one sounded quite interesting.
I do not know exactly how to describe it, but the website makes it clearer. Mostly, they discuss social topics that may be related to the business world, self-help, or just about anthing really….

If you listen to an early podcast from this year (2017), then you can hear my voice as I did a shoutout when they requested listeners around the world to call in. First time for me to do something like that, but it was fun.

I am generally impressed with the editing of the podcasts as they incorporate a good number of pop culture references from movies, songs, etc. which I love given that it relates to my generation. 😜

Anyway, I am not a weekly listener just yet as I still tend to favor My Favorite Murder, but I do enjoy this podcast quite a bit especially for the medium-to-shortish drives around town. 👍🏽

~T 😀