Oct 242017

When we made our escape from the desert, we really had no idea how we were going to make everything work given that we are not allowed to work legally under a tourist visa. Thankfully, we both found ways to get around this as we worked to establish our visas and settle into life in ‘samurai/ninja country’. 🇯🇵

Despite some worry about the timing as the immigration rules are extremely strict here, I am finally able to legally return to the working world.

After nearly 18 months of being away from the regular grind, I am kind of looking forward to both the sense of ‘routine’ and the forced regular stepping out of my comfort zone to be among the masses. 😛

However, we still have some challenges. Number 1 being that all of my winter clothes and work outfits are currently in storage waiting to be sent over at some point. This means that I have to go shopping (oh gee darn) to at least get some basics. While I did not really want to spend our precious funds on such seemingly frivolous things, there is really nothing to be done. So, the best I can do is suck it up! 😅🤣

So, one more step taken. A few more to come with ward visits, insurance plans, opening bank accounts, etc. However, now all these things can be done with my ‘Residence Card’. Phew!! 😅😅😅

~T 😀

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