Nov 282010

The Shadow of Your Smile by Mary Higgins Clark

It’s been a while since I’ve read a Mary Higgins Clark book. Probably because I’ve read everything she’s written and she doesn’t seem to write as fast as I can read her novels. πŸ™‚

While I enjoyed reading the story at the time, it was forgettable since I’m having trouble recalling the story even as I write this up.

There are a number of intertwined characters and story lines to follow, though nothing too complicated. The mysterious factors are just engaging enough to keep turning the pages, but not really enough to keep from putting the book down to do something else. I found some of the connections to be a little too convenient and my suspicious mind wanted more depth and complexity with the main protagonist’s love story.

So as to not give any of the story away, in case anyone plans on reading this, I’ll just say it was worth the read while traveling, but not really that fulfilling in terms of a thrilling mystery novel.

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  1. Thank you so much for your dedication to fdining peace through the written and spoken word. I have been facing these emotions since age three (when I learned of my own adoption). I live one county away from where I was born and have been drawn to actually move back here three times from other places. I’m connected to the land and the energy the surroundings bring to my very soul. Just to know I’m near her (my birth mother), appreciating the environment she knew, and living life out of a joy I can’t describe is healing. To know someone is brave enough to step up and heal, himself and others, encourages me to keep investigating, seeking, and writing. I’d love to see and hear more of your work! Thank you. Thank you. Bless you!

    • Hi Tedy,

      Thanks for your comment and my apologies for replying so late. I do not often get real comments on here! πŸ˜€ I hope that you are still going well with your adoption and birth mother reunion. Feel free to keep in touch!

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