Oct 192017

The pounding of the raindrops on the metal objects around us wake me these mornings. Grey skies glow through the rice paper windows as I burrow deeper into the warmth of the covers trying to ignore the steadily dropping temperatures marking the onset of the autumn season.

Having spent nearly nine years where it never gets colder than 16 degrees Celsius or 60 degrees Fahrenheit, I am not quite prepared for the more frigid air.

Still, the change of pace on many levels is welcomed.

It keeps me aware of where we were just three months ago and how different life is in just a short time. While I lament the aging process of gaining more ‘senior moments’ or going through physical adjustments that must come, I appreciate the human capacity to adapt in body, mind and soul. Although none of it comes without some sacrifice, it is nice to have the ability to put memories into the background.

My brain is still zipping and zapping from the lack of chemicals. My mood has definitely returned to some up and down with more sensitivity and reaction to others around me. However, I have also found a renewed appreciation for the effect of music on my state of mind.

Yesterday, the tune for “When the Rain Falls Down in Africa” stuck in my head and connected with the current weather here.

This kind of weather also brings nostalgia which stimulates my creative juices…so as the rain falls down….

~T πŸ˜€

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