Dec 122017

I was just looking through my posts on my phone app where I sometimes write drafts while on the move. I found these in the draft folder and thought I’d post them now even though they may not be pertinent at the moment.

There are moments when I wonder why I don’t stay in the moment long enough to finish a post or to acknowledge the feelings of that time.

Now as I feel as if work is finding a balance I can begin to reflect and see how I can prepare for another year…


The sun shines today and the laundry commences. The decision on when laundry is done is no longer left to my own schedule or choice, but is determined by the whims of nature.

In this one wonders how much free choice we truly have or are we just wandering about fulfilling what the universe already knows?

Perhaps where our freedom lies is deciding when to stop refusing to take the path before us toward ourselves. Perhaps our unhappiness and discontent is because we think we know a better way….

When I look at the people around me and talk to the ones I love, I see how true this might be for them. Yet before I judge them I look inward.

Am I avoiding the path before me? Am I refusing to see a way that is meant to be?

The truth I really don’t know. I would like to say that I am not. My ego wants to believe that I am slightly more aware and conscience than those around me and yet… perhaps I am equally deluded. The only way to know is to judge by my state of being.

I am happy. I am more content with life than I have been for a long time. I feel peaces in my heart and mind. While I may have debates in my mind about decisions to be made, I feel satisfied with where I am.


Our New Digs

We have admittedly been extremely lucky to have been able to procure a regular living space so quickly in our time here in Japan.

For most people, a visa and resident’s card is required before a landlord or real estate agency will consider starting the process for full-time accommodations.

It takes quite a while to obtain these items if the process is started after arriving in Japan – in fact, we are both still waiting for a certificate of eligibility to get working visas. However, my ability to speak Japanese and the amazing generosity of long-time friends (aka family) to serve as a guarantor made it possible for us to get a lovely space to set up as home.

We did do a small monthly rental for a month until we could get our place. Here is a video of that place.

Now, we are slowly settling in to our new place. Here’s a little video I made of the place. Hopefully, we will have some visitors – well, we have one coming tomorrow, but more on that later. πŸ˜›

So, step-by-step we are getting into our new lives. Now, just for me to get my visa sorted….

~T πŸ˜€

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