Apr 202013

You may or may not have noticed that my April calendar has filled up for posts, which means that I have finished updating my posts on our Turkey trip. There are pics within the posts, or I will make a separate post with just the photo album. There are 778 pics in the album, so if you just want the highlights, I recommend just going to the posts. πŸ˜‰

Our last free day in Istanbul was spent mostly shopping around and enjoying the last day there. Here are some pics of our purchases –

Istanbul - Found these absolutely adorable shoes!
Istanbul - Found these absolutely adorable shoes!09-Apr-2013 19:24, NIKON COOLPIX S51, 3.3, 6.3mm, 0.333 sec, ISO 400
Istanbul - My love
Istanbul - My love09-Apr-2013 17:13, Apple iPhone 4S, 2.4, 4.28mm, 0.059 sec, ISO 500
Istanbul - craziness! NuvaRing is less than 12USD per pack whereas it costs nearly 30USD in the US!!!
Istanbul - craziness! NuvaRing is less than 12USD per pack whereas it costs nearly 30USD in the US!!!09-Apr-2013 23:53, NIKON COOLPIX S51, 3.3, 6.3mm, 0.625 sec, ISO 400
Istanbul - bought some spice to take back which was hard to find...
Istanbul - bought some spice to take back which was hard to find...09-Apr-2013 23:47, NIKON COOLPIX S51, 3.3, 6.3mm, 0.04 sec, ISO 200
Some Grand Bazaar purchases...
Some Grand Bazaar purchases...12-Apr-2013 10:56, Apple iPad mini, 2.4, 3.3mm, 0.042 sec, ISO 100

You might be curious about the boxes of NuvaRings. This is my preferred method of birth control and while it may be a little personal to blog about this, I think sharing this kind of information is important. While I normally pay something close to 30USD or more a box for the NuvaRing, I paid only about 9USD per box in Istanbul. So…what’s a girl to do, but get a year’s supply when the opportunity presents itself!? πŸ˜› It’s really shocking to consider how much medicine is in the States, when it is so much more reasonable in other parts of the world…. Makes one a bit sick to think about the profit that is being made in the US….Anyway, no tangent on politics!

So, that was Turkey.

Today is also the first day of my Cipralexing @ 10mg. Other than a slight headache – probably from it -, I’m doing okay. I was thinking in the car today that I actually like the feeling quite a bit. It’s like being buzzed without the alcohol, which is how R once described it to me and he’s right. I am hoping I will get a bit more used to the haziness I feel, but otherwise I am definitely feeling calmer and my mind seems a bit more settled, if that makes any sense. We will see how we continue to go with the 10mg, but I may just stay with this for now. πŸ™‚

-T πŸ˜€

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  5 Responses to “Turkey Trip Updated”

  1. Hello dear, im happy i have found ur page! Im currently in istanbul…and well, i need Nuvaring but here they say they do not have it! πŸ™
    Where did u manage to buy it? Pleaaaaseeee πŸ™‚

  2. Hi, did you need a prescription to buy nuvaring in Turkey?

    • Hello,

      I didn’t at the time and Mari has mentioned that she was able to find a pharmacy that will order them for you. I still have about a year’s worth that I’d like to sell, if you’re looking for some. πŸ˜€

  3. Where did you buy the Nuvaring? I’m traveling there and need it!

    • Hi Ellen,

      I went to a pharmacy located on the main shopping street (Istakal? – can’t remember the name exactly now) in the new side of town across the bridge from the Old Town area. In other words, not the same as the Hagia Sophia part. If you tell them that you do not have a prescription and are just traveling, they may sell it to you “on the side”. It’s a little expensive, but worth it! πŸ˜€ Good luck!

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