Oct 082012

Lately, I’ve been considering a new future blog. It won’t happen until I finish my PhD because really I don’t need yet another blog or way to use up my time….

However, I’m torn. I’ve got this blog, my professional blog and started an ADPOV blog that lies dormant. I barely keep this one up and my poor professional blog has long been neglected….

Still…I’ve long wanted to have an adoption blog. Yet, I think why add another one to the millions already out there with people telling their adoption stories or advocating for adoption rights or expressing their angst towards the whole system? What would my blog bring to the arena that isn’t already out there? I’ve got time to think this through, but it’s in my heart to do it. I just need the right theme and purpose….

Anyway, another week begins and I already dread it…why? Dunno yet. πŸ˜‰

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