Jan 022018

Another year begins with the usual hopefulness of what possibilities lay ahead.

As I look back on all that I had laid out last year when time was my frenemy and naivety was embraced with the fervor of those who have no idea what is in store for them.

Although I still owe the story of what transpired in the middle of last year (and it will come eventually), its events changed my worldview a bit. Some truths came to light for me.

  • Asking for help is a humbling experience that allows the heart to be opened in unexpected ways.
  • Sharing crisis moments with others reveals true characters – a spectrum of ignoring, offering ‘good lucks’, asking for updates, offering help, and taking action.
  • My love runs far deeper than I realized and left me incapacitated when I did not know how to take action.
  • Timing is everything, and
  • Truly everything works out in the end.

My faith in God and belief in the workings of the Universe strengthened as well over the latter half of the year.

An example is my unknown sense that I should refresh my Japanese by teaching beginner level to Emiratis and taking on a Japanese student for English with some Japanese language exchange. Also, I visited Japan earlier in the year for a possible job that didn’t work out but began turning the wheels of possibilities.

So, while the attempt at a balanced life in my 2017 Reflections did not quite pan out exactly as I had planned, I think that overall we are in a better place than we could have expected a year ago.

Therefore, with less time on my hands I have made some personal and financial goals for this year with a more relaxed sense of expectation as I know that what I put forth into the world will return to me/us twofold.

With that in mind I am looking forward to what 2018 has in store as I work on focusing my mind more on creativity and stability.

~T πŸ˜€