May 312016


_You Can Heal Your Life_ by Louise Hay

I was introduced to this author via the title _You can Heal Your Body_ through some ladies at yoga. When I went to the bookstore to have a look, I found that this one was more along the lines of what I felt like reading. The other one may get read as well, but I think that this one was definitely exactly what I needed to read.

Louise Hay shares her belief in how to change our thought patterns so that we are open to abundance and success. Along the same lines as _The Secret_ or law of attraction ideas, her belief is that when we allow our minds to say negative thoughts, even if they seem trivial, we are attracting what we actually do NOT want. Our minds do not necessarily interpret a thought as negative or positive, it just interprets what most often makes a presence. Therefore, if we focus on positive thoughts, then we attract more of that.

I learned quite a few good tricks to keep myself motivated and going especially during this transition period between homes. However, truly, the best part is that I have been able to use a lot of her quotes and techniques to support my friends.

There are times when I just do not know how to best support people when they need a loving word or encouragement as I never want to sound cliché, but also want to offer adequate love. In these times, having an arsenal of quotes or techniques to offer is so helpful. Maybe this is the ‘coach’ in me now, but wow has this book been helpful lately (or at least I hope so!).

To sum up, I definitely recommend this book as a read even if it does not all seem relevant to you. There’s just lots of good stuff in it to make one think.

~T 😀

PS I realized the other day that I have gone delinquent on my book reviews, so have a long list in my drafts of books I have read over the past year or so. Therefore, I shall be catching up and interspersing posts with my literary escapes! <3

May 302016


This weekend is a bit of a blur, I must admit, as we were overly gluttonous and indulgent with food and drink due to brunches and events. However, Saturday was a bit of a recovery day where I spent it at this summit.

If you know me at all, you know that I am absolutely crap at networking and am generally anti-group self-help activities. However, M was working at the event and got comp tickets, so my medium desire to go was fulfilled – I mean if it is free… :P!

I told myself I would give it a good honest go until the first coffee break. If I did not like it, then Starbucks was nearby and the hotel where the event was held is nice to hang out in.

Surprisingly, I stayed almost the entire day. I even met a few new people! There were guest speakers who were given 30 minutes to share an aspect of the 8 peaks – career, financial, social, etc. The moderator was excellent at the time-keeping as well as maintaining motivation for the event. It was extremely well-organized and in general quite fun. While we did leave before the personal reflection and group drum beating at the end, overall I felt refreshed again.

I also determined to make more of an attempt to network and get myself out there. I need to change my mindset and be open to new possibilities of making friends and contacts. Until now I have always met most of my friends through work. However, I am now in the transition period with no job or easy way to meet people; I will need to get clients and; therefore, make a different set of friends. So, it is going to be a new challenge for me, but as long as I am open and willing it should be painless. 🙂 (I hope!)

It is always seems to be the unexpected events that arise that give us the most benefit and offer big shifts. I am very glad for having been able to go to this event and am looking forward to the 3rd summit where my company name is going to be proudly represented! (Gotta have goals!!!!) 😉

~T 😀


May 262016

IMG_0281(card from my honey)

Well, I am trying to fully embrace “retirement”. I have said that I do not think any of it will fully set in until about October when everyone is back in full swing at work and I am not. At the moment, it is just the usual summer holiday transition period.

Therefore, what is a girl to do to celebrate? Go to the beach club, of course! My first day “off” wasn’t officially off yet, but it was ladies’ day at the beach club, so what is one to do?! Us ladies spent a lovely day chatting about life, soaking up rays and cooling in the waters.


Day 2 kicked off with a little pampering – spa life returns – and then a stop at my favorite place (Argo Tea).


Here I am on Day 3 (don’t worry I’ll stop counting eventually!) vegging at home, catching up on my screen time, and happily passing the time away. I even slept in a little longer than yesterday, so who knows maybe it will not take me so long to get used to this transition period! 😛

More to come,


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May 242016


(thanks for the pic, J!)

Well, it is done. My time at the zoo is complete. Although I may have to make a couple of final trips out to campus, my responsibilities and work days are finished. It is surreal after seven and a half years to believe it is actually over.

When I arrived in 2009, I had grand plans of only staying for a year and then going on to rebuild the education system in another middle eastern country. It did not take me more than a year to realize that those lofty ideas were not going to actually happen. However, I have come to enjoy where I am and to appreciate the advantages this place offers. It was just time for me to move on from academia and English teaching.

So after 18 years of English teaching I am officially ending this chapter of my life. While I may still keep ties here and there or do some external work in the area of academia, I am 100% stepping into a world of sunshine and lightness which I hope to spread on to other people. 😀

With relief,


May 192016

Well, decisions are being made and actions are being taken. By the end of the day we will have (hopefully) made our security deposit on an apartment here (same as this post):


Although we had initially thought to get a 3-bedroom, there was a 2-bedroom that we decided would be smarter for us to take on; however, due to a delay in communicating, we ended up with a 3-bedroom after all! (gee darn! :P) So, pics on that space will come later.

Unfortunately, we cannot move in until early July. This is a bit of a pickle as we have to vacate our current place in early June. So, we will pack up everything, put our stuff into storage, board the kitties and then live it up in a hotel apartment for a month. It’s not ideal, but there are definitely far worse things to complain about! It also delays our summer holiday plans a bit, but the beauty is that I am no longer bound by any timelines, so it’s all good.

It is nice to be making some progress at last and to feel the excitement of a new chapter in my life about to begin. Chilling out soon to commence!


~T 😀


May 152016

There has been little time for me to sit down properly to write. A lot has been going on with changes happening on all levels of my life.

Stress is building up, but I am using a lot of positive affirmations to ensure that all goes well.

I reckon that either I will write more here in the next two months to stay sane, or I will be altogether absent depending on how things play out.

Either way, I’m still here; still planning to write more regularly – one of these days; still looking forward to a new chapter in my life – once the dust settles!

-T 😀

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Apr 142016

Well, you might think that now the wedding is finished and married life has begun life would be settling down for me. Not quite yet….

Since I decided to quit working full-time at the ZOO, we now need to work on moving to a new apartment as our current place is part of my work package. There are a number of places to live in the city, but we are a little particular about our needs for space. Also, we want to fully enjoy the remaining years that we plan to be here.

Before, we thought we would move out to the suburban life, but M changed companies and his new office is downtown near Emirates Palace. Therefore, it’ll be better for us to live closer to the Corniche as I won’t have a commute to deal with.

So, we have about 95% decided to move to the Sofitel residences downtown.


The space is beautiful and the amenities are what seals the deal. The main thing is that the space will be ideal for my new business and be a comfortable space for me to enjoy never leaving each day! Ha! It’s an introverts perfect space!

If I do want to go out, the corniche is fairly easy to get to and I can perhaps consider returning to running outside (when the weather is good again!). So, while I will give up my perfect dream of living with a Starbucks downstairs, there will be other perks to replace it. 😀

In any case, life is not yet settling down – not sure if it ever will – but life is definitely beyond GOOD!

-T 😀


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Apr 042016

I grew up in a world where people were taught to say “Please” and “Thank you”. It was a world where you RSVP’d on time and followed through on your word. If you said you were going to do something, you just did it – no matter the difficulties or challenges that arose; because it was your word that meant everything.

Nowadays, people use words casually without thought to their meaning or consideration for the expectations that they bring when used as promises.

Last week I got married (photos and posts to come soon). Invites went out with plenty of time to RSVP. The RSVP date came and went, but still people had to be chased down to get a response from them as for their attendance. There are a few problems with this coming from the world I grew up in:

*It’s simply disrespectful to ignore an invite to a wedding. The fact that you have been invited to attend an event where two people share their love and publicly promise to commit their lives together should mean something still and your request to be a part of that should feel like an honor – not a right, not a passing event to ignore. To not bother to RSVP on time or at all is disrespectful to a deeply meaningful request even if it means nothing to you personally.

*It’s selfish to not RSVP at all or to ask for a plus one to attend if that plus one was not invited. In both cases, you are not considering that a lot of planning and money go into the invitations and organizing of the special occasion. Weddings are free for you to attend, but in most cases, they are not free to the couple getting married (or perhaps their parents). A lack of response or a request to add one more to the numbers is only a consideration for yourself. A “Sorry I can’t make it” goes much further and shows respect and consideration over a no-response. A “Thank you for your invite” is enough to show your appreciation for the invite to someone’s wedding. Asking to bring someone whom the couple did not initially invite is a bit presumptuous that they would be willing to pay a great deal of money for you to bring someone for your own convenience and preference.

Then, even when all the responses came in there were still some people who were shocking in their lack of courtesy by not showing up to the event at all either without an excuse or a selfish one.

*Forgetting the date is flat out irresponsible and shows a complete lack of care for the wedding couple.

*Choosing not to go out because you were embarrassed at an event the night before is completely self-centered.

*Just not showing at all with absolutely no reason is rude.

We had a number of people tell us ahead of time that they couldn’t make it, but it was done politely and with enough notice that numbers could be changed. Just remember that a wedding entails planning for table seatings, meal plans, ceremony chairs, drinks, nameplates, gifts and so on. It’s not simply saying “Sorry I can’t make it” and then all is good. For you, there’s nothing more, but for the wedding planning it means more emails, more rearranging, financial adjustments, etc.

By not showing up at all, you leave empty seats, paid-for-food and drink left uneaten and drunk, gifts left behind and wasted, and an overall sense of incompleteness because your presence was desired and expected.

Remember that the world does not revolve around you alone and your decisions do not affect only you or those immediately around you. Everyone and everything is interconnected; thus, our actions and words have everlasting effects whether seen or not.

Please just have some common courtesy for others and use your words meaningfully especially when making promises to others.


Mar 252016

Spring has already come and the weather in the UAE is somewhat out of character lately. Seven years ago when I first arrived, there was similar weather of rain storms, flooding and cancelled classes. This year, hurricane-like weather passed through – they didn’t call it as such but what else do you call 130kph winds? – causing rain storms, flooding, closed schools and things falling to pieces?

Due to such weather on the weekend of a major conference in our profession, it was difficult to determine if professionalism would outweigh potential further weather conditions. However, enough time in the country provides experiential understanding that nothing stays the same here – from policies, construction, road names, and even the weather. For most people, the professional attitude of attending an event that our work pays for and knowing that others were depending on them caused them to overcome their fear and get out to face the effects of the tumultuous storm.

Just as the seasons can change quickly here so can the hearts of people.

It is true that in recent years I have realized more and more that I do not really understand the modern mind. The world of social media has caused social graces that I grew up believing were the norm to be thrown aside as if I am actually a hundred years older than I am. Despite this, I have maintained my strong belief in the potential of humans to be even better than they are in terms of integrity, honesty and standing firm in the people they are meant to be within our greater society. Admittedly, this leads to disappointment on my side, of my own making, as many times people are capable of equally great acts of dishonor, lies and masks to hide their truths.

For some time, I have wondered how some might respond to a test of character. Generally, I try to focus on the lamb in people and hope that gentle responses leading to positive resolutions are possible. However, when character is tested, the lions within can rear up leading to negative results. Just as a storm passes through causing irreparable damage in some areas, it can also be seen as a chance to renew, re-evaluate and grow above and beyond what was thought possible before the damage occurred. The roar of a lion may be something to be fear for some, but to me, it’s an opportunity to make room for more peaceful and positive hearts and minds.

~T 😀

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Mar 162016

Nearly five and a half months without posting and so much has happened in that time. I actually started writing this post when the new year hit – as would be expected, but then life got in the way.

There’s nothing like a bit of an emotional jolt, results of meditation and life changes to reset the niggling that one should be writing again for some unknown audience out there (though I know a few of you 😉 ).

Thus, while I have been keeping my paper journal up to date, I will begin making more attempts to post here again as I’ve let a couple of the other blogs go while I refocus, recenter and restart.

Stay tuned for more to come along!

~T 😀

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