Jan 122015

Almost exactly a year ago, I finished reading the book _Unbroken:  A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption_ by Laura Hillenbrand. I wrote about it and then I even wrote a brief about it, which was published on Amazon.

So, when I heard that the film was being made, I was quite excited about it as it’s such a great story.

Last weekend, I made M go see it with me, but I’m afraid I was sadly disappointed. M had never read the book, but came out saying “It was just missing something, wasn’t it?”. My response was, “Yeah, like 2/3 of the book!”.

There’s so much of the story that is interwoven and necessary that I can imagine it was quite hard for Angelina Jolie to pick out the pieces to adequately tell the story. The parts that were taken in entirety were well-done; however, there just weren’t enough and perhaps not enough time to do it justice.

In any case, it’s a decent film – though quite PG for a story that is graphically disturbing. I’d say it’s okay to see it with teenagers and to draw interest in the story. However, if you haven’t read the book – read it after you’ve seen the movie. Yes, this is advice contrary to my usual recommendation. In this case, reading the book before the movie just sets you up for grave disappointment…. :*(

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Jan 082015

Well, today is the last weekday of holidays with nothing left but an ordinary weekend separating me from the ‘real’ world again. :(

In the past three weeks, I had grand plans to be productive, but instead I relaxed and had a lot of fun. So much fun, in fact, that I could see myself never going back to work and truly never being bored. When I was younger and worked from home, I thought that I would never like it again; however, now that I am older and more anti-social anyway, it really doesn’t seem to bother me to be at home all the time. Of course, I would like to have a group of ladies-who-lunch now and then so that I didn’t become completely isolated… ;)

Still, it is time to get my head back into things. One of the reasons why I haven’t been keeping up with my postings and writing is due to not being where my computer is. However, this week I fixed that! I have a new ‘temporary’ office setup.

My lil' home office

It’s not much at the moment, but maybe this weekend I will get a proper desk… :D For now, it does the job! So, first steps taken to reaching goals – off to a good start!!!

More to come,

-T :D

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Jan 052015

Today was my first day of the new year on my own; and it has been much needed. While I dearly love my friends and BF, the extreme introvert in me has been in serious need of refilling my energy basket.

So I took some time to reflect and set some goals for the upcoming year…we shall see how it goes!

*I will finish the PhD at last!
*I will sort out my finances finally and get myself on the savings path toward my condo in Hawaii.
*I will change my job whether at the same university or another one in the area – I am signing a new contract, but it is a means to hopefully changing to a different department, which I should know more about in the spring.
*I will be more consistent with a schedule to ensure a balance with love, life and sanity!
*I will get back into coaching to keep up my skills and continue the pursuit of my life purpose to be the spirit that inspires others to reach their full potential.
*I will be very selective about how and with whom I spend my time so that my energy basket never goes below 1/4 full. Should I get dangerously close to that I will take a weekend to myself somewhere to refill completely. (Gotta be sure to take care of me!)
*I will love openly and completely.

And I will get back to writing and blogging more regularly but maybe not everyday as before. Still gotta work out a reasonable schedule for that, but I will get back to it as there is a lot to write about!

That’s my upcoming year! I hope to “Secret” it all into reality!!!

All the best always,


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Jan 012015

I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus from blogging and lost my somewhat systematic method of posting for the latter half of the year. However, with a new year comes new goals and a reassessment of life’s proceedings.

So, as I start to settle in to the new year and start to lay down my goals for the next year I am going to be putting my blogging back at the top of my priority list!

Stay tuned for more to come.


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Nov 272014

Amidst my general unhappiness with the job at the moment, I do know that there is much to be thankful for and so here is my gratitude list in honor of Thanksgiving.

*12 days of teaching left
*I am able to go to Beirut next Monday evening for four days.
*I have a wonderful man in my life
*My best friend is better than anyone else’s best friend by far and away! :D
*My friends give me great joy, love and support
*My family is my rock and security <3
*I have a job
*I am healthy – physically and mostly mentally
*I have a lot of freedom in my life

So, even though I might like to complain or feel as if the world is not going according to my plan, I really have nothing at all to complain about. Life is truly good and I need to always count my blessings each and every day.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

-T :D

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Nov 182014

I think I am a fairly flexible person when it comes to my work. I know I am not as much with my personal life, but professionally, I try hard to put in all of my efforts and beyond.

It is no secret really that my supervisor and I have a tense, but professional relationship. We will probably never see eye-to-eye on things; however, I try to stay out of her way as much as possible. Unfortunately, she doesn’t do the same.

This semester I have been off teaching in order to work full-time in another department. I have not been in the classroom, which translates to some as ‘not doing much work’. Whenever someone is absent I am the first person who is contacted to cover a class. Most of the time I have politely explained that I am in the middle of work and cannot accommodate – it is not a policy that classes need to be covered if someone is absent from teaching.

An adjunct instructor decided to quit suddenly last week. Rather than sit down and have a conversation with me about options or ways to cover her classes between my work and perhaps someone else, I was TOLD that I will be taken back to teach full-time – completely disregarding and devaluing any of the current work in which I was involved in.

As a leadership scholar, I find this attitude and approach out of line. Because I am professional, I accepted the situation with a bit of complaint to the other department supervisor as it did affect the projects for him. However, I did not fight it with my supervisor knowing that it would fall on deaf ears.

The point is that I am pushed to my limits with her and the department. For the second time this semester I have been forced to switch my focus without a real conversation or treatment as a professional. She might say that it is because I am so willing to accommodate or that my work is reliable and professional so that is why. Whatever the reason, the point is that I have had a enough of being the ‘go-to’ person. There are 84 other people whom I work with who are also professionals that could be called upon….

So, that’s my current life….four weeks of full-time teaching again – not really a bad thing, but unexpected….

-T :D

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Nov 112014

It’s been way too long since I’ve written. It has become obvious that I need some better outlet for relieving my angst but I haven’t yet admitted it fully.

M mentioned that my tolerance level has greatly lowered and I realized that as my friend said my BS cup has overflown. There’s no more room for more….

There’s so much to rant about, but maybe I should take some time to form things into more productive and meaningful thoughts rather than a rage of verbal diarrhea. :)

So I will but most importantly I need a massage and a holiday. Maybe both at the same time?! ;P

More to come,


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Oct 192014

It just dawned on me that it has been nearly a month since I last posted. Where does the time go?

Anyway, all is well overall – just busy between work, after work work and play it’s hard to sit myself down in front of the computer for anything else. However, as with all things it will come around….

The good thing is that I’m staying up and moving along happily! :D

Will try to reinstate a schedule for writing again soon!

– T

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Sep 242014

For the past couple of weeks I have been tired and unmotivated. At first, I thought it was due to Aunt Flo or stress. Then, I thought perhaps it was because I wasn’t eating enough during the day, which still may be the case. Then, I thought perhaps it was due to an increase in my caffeine intake since work started, which may also be the case. However, two days ago, I realized that really I think it is one of my downs coming on….

Once I sort of focused on that and admitted that I may be getting a little depressed, I have been able to focus on how to keep myself from letting the down go full blown. So far, I seem to be doing okay. I have stopped the caffeine and plan to keep at it for the next couple of weeks to cleanse my system from needing it. Then, I think I can go back to one cup a day… (maybe!). :P

Some ways that I battle the downs is by focusing on myself. This means getting some pampering done, scheduling my life very carefully and ensuring that I am surrounded by positive energies rather than those that drain me. It’s much harder to do than we think, but once done, life is definitely better. So, I’m starting to breathe a bit more and refocusing myself on what needs to be done. Phew! :D

More to come,


Sep 142014

I think being tired is perhaps one of the worst things in life. Yes, that may sound extreme, but tiredness affects so much of our bodies and mental health.

This weekend was meant to be somewhat relaxing, but somehow it wasn’t quite. It was actually a really nice weekend with my friend’s babies’ shower (she’s having twins!) and some relaxing. However, one night of not enough sleep makes it feel like the world is doomed! :P

Anyway, I am sure that everything will be better with a good night’s sleep! :D

Until then,


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